Parkman i Sverige AB opens our first facility in Malmö!

Parkman i Sverige AB is finally coming to Malmö, we are proud to say that we have installed our first Autopay facility in Mobilia shopping center.
Mobilia Shoppingcenter is Malmö’s oldest shopping center, it opened on 28 September 1968 in Malmö’s largest textile factories. The looms were rebuilt and Malmö’s first shopping center was inaugurated. It is located in the district Södervärn south of Möllevången and only a few kilometers from Malmö city center.
It has a total of 114 stores with many large store chains but also many interesting privately owned stores. There are also close to 20 cafes and restaurants.

Mobilia Shoppingcenter is owned like many other shopping centers in Sweden by Atrium Ljungberg.


Facts about Autopay:

The system, which is the most modern on the market, makes it easier for customers to park. Cameras read the vehicle number at the entrance and exit and in this way the parking time are logged.

Customers get five different ways to pay, including in the payment machine, use a parking app, through the website or invoice. For the most convenient payment, register your card on and all parking fees will be deducted automatically in all Autopay facilities in the world. The best thing about the system is that you can’t get any parking fines.

Autopay is now available in several cities, in Sweden: Stockholm, Karlstad, Norrköping and Gothenburg.