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  • What is Scrive and how does it work?

    Scrive is a digital signing service. You do not need any additional apps or programs. Agreements are sent digitally to your e-mail and you can then review the agreement and sign it directly with BankID. This works from both phone and computer. After that, you have access to your agreement around the clock in the e-mail box to which you received the agreement for signing. Super flexible!

  • If I sign a contract this month, do I have to pay directly or on next month’s notice?

    If you sign an agreement in the middle of a month, you will have to pay for the remaining days of that month. This comes on a separate avi with a delayed payment date.

  • Can I get a copy of my rental notice?

    It is possible to get a copy of your rental notice if you wish. You can find your notices by logging in to

  • Are there places for charging an electric car?

    We do our best to be able to meet the demand for places with a charging station for both tenants and short-term parkers. On our website there is information if there are places with the possibility of charging an electric car at the facility.

  • I have sent an email with my details, can I start parking and use my permit?

    As soon as you have provided information on where you want to rent a permit and provided the information we need to establish an agreement, we will do everything to answer and help you as quickly as possible. However, your parking permit does not apply until both parties have signed an agreement and we confirm that the permit has been sent to you.

  • What do I do if I want to rent a parking space or a parking permit?

    Information about each facility where we offer rental of a parking space or parking permit can be found here on the website under “Our parking spaces”. You can easily register your interest in the facility you are interested in, and we will contact you with further information.

  • Which of my rental notices are paid / unpaid?

    To see the payment status of your notices, you can log in directly to

  • How much does it cost per month to park in garage (X)?

    Both short-term prices and rental prices are available on our website for each garage. If you want further information, you are warmly welcome to contact us.

  • I rent a reserved place and someone has parked on my parking space. What should I do?

    If someone unauthorized parks on the parking space that you rent, we would like you to contact us and we will help you further and that we can get in touch with the unauthorized parker.

  • What does unreserved parking space mean?

    If you rent an unreserved parrking space in a parking / garage, you rent a permit to park in the area. However, this means that you do not rent a fixed place, but parking is subject to availability. We keep track of the occupancy and do not rent out more than there are places. Most often, this type of permit shares parking spaces with short-term parkers, which means that a place is not guaranteed at any given time.

  • My garage is full, can I line up?

    Submit an expression of interest in the garage you wish to rent. Or contact us at
    You will then receive a confirmation email that you are registered in the queue. As soon as a place becomes vacant and it’s your turn, we’ll get in touch!

  • When should I pay for my parking space / permit?

    Payment for your permit is made monthly via invoice (avi). Payment is made in advance and must be received by us on the last weekday before the coming monthly period.

  • I can not find my rental notices. What should I do?

    The rental notices are sent out three at a time (quarterly) one month before each quarter. A tip is to search your email if you receive notices that way. You can always find your notices and payment status on them at

  • I want to terminate my contract. How do I?

    Termination must always be made in writing. Fill in a termination form on our website under “Contact”.
    Or send an email to and state your customer or agreement number and we will get back to you with a confirmation.

  • Can I terminate my agreement through Autopay?

    In your Autopay account, you administer which vehicle you wish to link to the permit. If you wish to cancel your permit, this must be done in writing either via the website under “Contact” or email us at

  • Can I terminate my contract in the middle of a month?

    As the notice period always applies on a calendar month, agreements are always terminated at the end of the month.

  • What is the contract period?

    Our agreements run until further notice, without a binding period. *
    * Exceptional cases exist. Read on your specific agreement what applies to your agreement.

  • What should I do with my key card or tag when my contract is terminated?

    When your agreement has expired, the associated permit / keycard / key tag / remote control must be returned.
    Submit it to:
    Parkman in Sweden
    Box 2895
    187 28 Täby

  • What is my notice period for my contract?

    You will find the notice period in your rental agreement. If this is signed digitally, you can find it in your e-mail.
    In general, one calendar month’s notice period applies to private individuals and three calendar months’ notice period for companies. However, this can differ from agreement to agreement, so feel free to double-check what applies to your agreement.

  • Can I pause my condition?

    In many cases, it is possible to pause the parking agreement. This is done on a calendar month and can be done for a maximum of two months per calendar year. The rental fee for a paused month is then paid and replaced by an administrative fee of SEK 200. Break / freeze can not be combined with termination.
    To pause the agreement, you can email Note that this is not possible for all agreements.

  • I rent a parking permit in an Autopay facility, do I need a permit in the front window?

    Autopay permits are completely digital and are sent to you via e-mail when you sign an agreement. You therefore do not need a permit in the front window.

  • We are a company that only rents an Autopay license but there are several users who will share the license, is it possible?

    Yes, it’s going well. You can create your own car pool. For example, you rent 10 parking spaces, but you are 20 people who will share these.
    Then you send out permits to all 20 who will have access to the car park. They in turn register on with their vehicle (s).
    When the car pool is full, you will be charged a short-term fee. That is, in this case, car 11 that drives in and up will be charged.

  • Can I pay via e-invoice?

    We currently do not offer e-invoices. We offer e-mail avi, avi by post or direct debit.

  • Can I pay through Autogiro?

    Yes we offer direct debit for our tenants. If you apply for direct debit via your internet bank, it will be submitted electronically for the draw at the end of next month.

  • I’ve lost my key card / key fob, what should I do?

    Contact and they will block the card and send you a new one. Cost will be added for lost card or key fob.

  • I want an extra key card. Is it okay?

    Yes, it is possible to order extra key cards to your place. The price for an extra key card is SEK 300 and is a one-time cost. You can order several key cards to one place if you wish, if you only rent one place, only one of these can be checked in at a time.


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