This is how Autopay works

Autopay is a camera-based parking system that makes it easy for you to park.
At the entrance and exit, there are cameras that read the vehicle’s registration number and thus keep track of how long you park.
Park easily and conveniently with the most modern parking system on the market.
You do not have to fit times, set a parking disc or risk getting a parking ticket. There are also no barriers, which means that you will most likely not end up in a queue at the entrance and exit.
When you have finished with your case, you can finish and pay for your parking at the vending machine or just drive out of the garage.
If you choose to just drive out of the garage, you will receive information in the exit screen if you have an amount to pay. Then you can pay in arrears. Read more about it below.

Easy payment

With Autopay it is impossible to get a fine. However, you still must pay for your parking.  
You have a range of payment options to choose from. .

  • Automatic payment via
    Register on and enter your debit card then your payment will be debited directly from your debit card when you drive out of the car park
  • Pay within 48 hours
    If you have not registered your debit card and receive information at the exit screen, you can easily pay when you get home. By simply visiting the website
  • Invoice
    If you choose not to pay for any of the above options, an invoice will be sent by post to the owner of the vehicle for the time you have parked. There is a fee for the invoice.
  • Fly, stay & Park
    For those of you who have booked this package, inform the recepetion with your vechicle registreration number when you check in.

Easier parking

  • You do not have to worry about your parking time expiring.
  • You minimize the risk of inspection fees.
  • You can pay from home and avoid standing in line at the payment machine.
  • You do not have to be stuck in a queue at the entrance and exit due to barriers.
  • You do not have to keep track of the ticket or remember to set the parking disc.