Torsgatan 10, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Torsgatan 10, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Opening hours: Locked garage

Long term: Reserved parking space: 4.554 kr including VAT per month.


  • 1,9m
  • 19 parking spaces
  • 0 charging stations

Payment system

  • Locked garage

Payment information:

Only you as a tenant can park here. You will then receive a keycard that allows you to get in and out of the garage.


Allmän info:

In the middle of central Stockholm in Norrmalm, you can rent a parking space on Torsgatan. The garage is located at the intersection Torsgatan Kammakargatan.
In a small and secure garage that is always locked, you can park your car.
With walking distance to Norra Bantorget, Vasaparken, Tegnérlunden, Stockholm Central Station, Drottninggatan and Hötorget, we have the small secure garage.
To enter the garage you need a keycard. Otherwise the garage is locked. This increases security. Which means that only you and the other tenants have access to enter.
Should there be a problem with your keycard there is a help button by the gate and the door. Both when you are going to enter the garage, and when you are going to drive in.