Solna Centrum

SOLNA TORG 13, Solna, Sweden

Solna Centrum

  • SOLNA TORG 13, Solna, Sweden
  • Opening hours: Outdoor parking: 00-24. Indoor parking: 07: 00-21: 00

Short Term: Weekdays: 2h free parking per day. The following hours: 25 kr per started hour.

Short Term: Weekends: 3h free parking per day. Then 25 kr per started hour.

Long term: Contact us in the form below and we will produce the right price information for you.


  • 2,1m
  • 540 parking spaces
  • 0 charging stations

Payment system

  • Autopay

Payment information:

Solna Centrum has Sweden’s most modern parking system, Autopay.
This makes it easy for you as a visitor. You do not have to think about your parking time and the risk of getting a control fee.
You only pay for your actual parking time afterwards.
There are cameras at the entrance and exit that read your registration plate at the entrance and exit and thus keep track of your parking time.
If you have been there shorter than the free time, you can just drive out of the garage. You can become a member of and register your debit card, then your debit card will be debited if you have been over the free time at the exit. If you are not a member and have deposited your debit card, you can choose to pay at one of the payment machines or within 48 hours at If you do not pay on any of the previous payment options, an invoice will be sent home to the vehicle owner.


General information:

Solna Centrum is located between the district Skytteholm,Hagalund, Råsunda and Huvudsta. With 94 shops and 22 restaurants, you can find what you need in this shopping center.
Best of all, you can do it in peace and quiet. Because you do not risk receiving an parking ticket when you have finished your visit. Take your time and enjoy the shopping and the food.