Patienten 1

Eugeniavägen 27, Solna, Sweden

Patienten 1

  • Eugeniavägen 27, Solna, Sweden
  • Opening hours: Weekdays: 06: 30-19: 00 Weekends: 07: 30-16: 00

Short Term: 30 kr per started 30 minute. 480 kr per day.

Long term: Unreserved parking space for private person: 3,121 kr including VAT per month.

Long term: Unreserved parking space for companies: 3,901 kr including VAT per month.


  • Level 1: 2,9m
  • Level 2: 2,2m
  • 93 parking spaces
  • 0 charging stations

Payment system

  • Autopay

Payment information:

Pay only for the time you have actually parked.
Autopay is a camera-based parking system that reads your vehicle registration number at the entrance and exit and thus keeps track of how long your vehicle has been parked.

  • Pay in the kiosk.
    Enter your registration number in the payment machine before leaving the car park and follow the payment instructions.
  • Automatic payment through
    Register on and enter your debit card then your payment will be debited directly from your debit card when you drive out of the car park.
  • Pay within 48 hours
    If you have not registered your debit card and receive information at the exit screen, you can easily pay when you get home. By simply going in here.
  • Invoice
    If you choose not to pay for any of the above options, an invoice will be sent by post to the owner of the vehicle for the time you have parked. Then there is a fee for the invoice.


Allmän info:

Adjacent to St. Erik’s Eye Hospital next to the New Karolinska University Hospital, you will find the Patient 1 garage.
With walking distance to Vasastan and next to the Norra tornen, you can park easily and conveniently in the garage.
You have both the opportunity to park as a visitor or rent a parking space.
It is difficult to plan your hospital visit or how long you will be strolling around Stockholm. Here you do not have to decide in advance how long your parking will last. All payment is made in arrears.