Bryggudden Parkering

Bergendorffsgatan 5, 652 16 Karlstad, Sweden

Bryggudden Parkering

  • Bergendorffsgatan 5, 652 16 Karlstad, Sweden
  • Opening hours: 00-24

Short Term: Car park: 12 kr per started hour 100 kr per day. Outdoors: 10 kr per started half hour

Long term: If you want to rent a parking space, contact Löfberg Fastigheter.


  • 2,1m
  • 270 parking spaces
  • 0 charging stations
  • App code: 7603

Payment system

  • Autopay
  • App parking

Payment information:

Pay only for the time you have actually parked.
Autopay is a camera-based parking system that reads your vehicle registration number at the entrance and exit and thus keeps track of how long your vehicle has been parked.

  • Pay in the kiosk.
    Enter your registration number in the payment machine before leaving the car park and follow the payment instructions.
  • Automatic payment through
    Register on and enter your debit card then your payment will be debited directly from your debit card when you drive out of the car park.
  • Pay within 48 hours
    If you have not registered your debit card and receive information at the exit screen, you can easily pay when you get home. By simply going in here.
  • Pay in the app
    If you want to pay with the app, start parking through the app (Parkamo or EasyPark), then you can just drive out and your parking will end automatically in the app.
  • Invoice
    If you choose not to pay for any of the above options, an invoice will be sent by post to the owner of the vehicle for the time you have parked. Then there is a fee for the invoice.

General information:

Bryggudden is Karlstad’s new district located in the Inre hamn. Just a short walk from Karlstad center.
Here you can enjoy lovely walks next to the water. You can also enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants or cafes located down in the harbor.
In the summer, you can also hop on the popular boat buses that stop at Bryggudden and can take you on to, for example, Almentorget, Färjestad, Mariebergsskogen, Järvenö.
Enjoy Karlstad and all they have to offer. The car is securely parked in Bryggudden Parkering, and all payment is made afterwards. So enjoy!